Tips For Hosting a Kids Birthday Party

There’s so much to think about when throwing children’s birthday parties, it can often be a minefield. Which theme to choose? What entertainment do I need? Can it still look trendy but within budget? Don’t fret, Baker Ross has everything you need to throw a birthday bash all little one’s will love.

Tips For Hosting a Kids Birthday Party

How to Make

Party Theme

Choosing a theme for your party will be the foundation to every little detail and will make choosing your décor, tableware and party bags a breeze. On trend themes like Mermaids or Dinosaurs are a huge hit with kids right now and is broad enough for your imagination to run wild and your creative side be unleashed. DIY dinosaur hats anyone?

DIY Decorations

Take the pressure off with simple yet punchy party décor. Look at your space and decide on three zones you want to make a feature of. By having just three areas to focus on you’ll guarantee to make an impact rather than spreading yourself, and your decorations, too thin. Crafting birthday bunting, party hats and tissue party garlands to match your party theme is so much fun and can be done well in advance.

Top Tableware

A well styled table can often become your party centerpiece but finding the right coordinating elements can sometimes be stressful. That’s why the Baker Ross party range includes all the matching table accessories your party needs – plates, cups, napkins, and the tablecloth for it all to go on! Plus, these wonderful disposable options will save on the washing up too, hurrah!

Craft Activities

Crafts are the best way to keep kids entertained at a party because it brings all the children together for a moment of stillness and concentration. Which let’s face it, you don’t see much of at a 6-year old’s birthday party! We have tons of themed craft kits and DIY projects that you can set up on the day to match your chosen theme. Set out the paints, brushes, stickers and embellishments and watch their little hands and minds get to work. The perfect opportunity for mums and dads to get a well-needed refreshment.

Party Favours

With Party Bags to match your theme, now it’s time to choose your fun fillers. These Unicorn Ball Poppers and Memo Pads would be a perfect match to your Rainbow Unicorn party. Or if you’re going for a jungle themed bash, then these amusing Bendy Monkeys would be ideal. With so many fun toys at pocket money prices, you’re sure to make the most enjoyable party bags for children to enjoy long after the cake has been eaten. One last thing don’t forget to make up a few extra bags for when those unexpected siblings turn up.

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