Dragon Spoon Puppet

Make this fun Dragon spoon puppet to celebrate St. David’s Day.  The  red Welsh Dragon is one of the official symbols of Wales, and appears on the Welsh national flag.

Dragon Spoon Puppet

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the wooden spoon red. Leave to dry.
  2. Turn the spoon upside down and place onto a sheet of red foam. Draw around the head of the spoon. Cut out the shape to use as the bottom of the dragon’s mouth.
  3. Stick the foam shape to the underside of the spoon (dragon’s head) using glue dots at the back of the mouth, leaving the front part of the mouth open.
  4. Cut out a spikey shape from yellow foam to use as fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth. Cut out a smaller spikey shape from orange foam and stick on top of the yellow shape using glue dots.
  5. Attach the fire shape to the inside of the dragon’s mouth onto the bottom piece of red foam using glue dots.
  6. Cut a small triangle shape from red self-adhesive glitter foam and stick to the end of the spoon to make it’s tail.
  7. Stick 2 wiggle eyes onto the dragon’s head. Cut out 2 small triangles from red foam to make the dragon’s ears and stick above the wiggle eyes using glue dots.
  8. Using glue dots stick a row of sequins across the top of the spoon for the dragon’s spikes along it’s back.
  9. Using a black pen, draw 2 small dots for the dragon’s nose at the end of the spoon.
  10. Download the template for the wings. Print out the template and use to cut out 2 dragon’s wings from red foam.
  11. Cut 8 small strips of red self-adhesive glitter foam and stick 4 strips onto each wing.
  12. Using 2 glue dots on the bottom each wing, attach to either side of the spoon behind it’s head.
Dragon Spoon Puppet Dragon Spoon Puppet Dragon Spoon Puppet

Top Tip

Remember to only stick the foam bottom of the mouth to the base of the spoon head so that it can flap open and shut when being played with.



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