4 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Baubles

Making your own tree decorations can bring so much extra joy at Christmas. Your guests will be wowed by your dazzling handmade decs! Here are 4 fun craft ideas to try this year…

4 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Baubles

How to Make

Fillable Baubles
Fill your own baubles are popular every year, and each year we try new and innovative ideas to make our decorations better than the last. That’s what’s amazing about these transparent baubles, they can be used year after year but never have to look or feel the same. Hurrah! They are a great one to get the kids involved with.
Fill with:
Pom Poms
Strips of festive papers
Mini tinsel
Acrylic Jewels

Yarn Baubles
Customise your tree with these easy and fun DIY decorations, the perfect make your own option using just two things – wool and PVA glue. Wrapping the glue-covered yarn around a balloon creates the perfect circular baubles ready to embellish with some Christmas sparkle! Make your own Glitter Yarn Baubles here.

Pipe Cleaner Baubles
Using just pipe cleaners and jingle bells you can create an incredibly beautiful Christmas decoration in whatever colour scheme you choose. Threading small bells onto pipe cleaners is so simple but effective.
Make your own Christmas Bells Tree Decorations here.

Card Baubles
You can make magnificent 3D ornaments to deck your tree by taking your favourite designed card or even upcycled greetings card, and using our selection of baubles for inspiration, create your own truly wonderful DIY decorations.

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