Chicken Skittles

Grab a ping pong ball and enjoy a game of indoor skittles on a rainy bank holiday!

Chicken Skittles

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint several polystyrene eggs with brightly coloured acrylic paint. You may find it easier to stick a wooden skewer in the base of the egg to hold it while painting.
  2. Cut a piece of coloured card 21cm x 8cm and wrap it tightly around a pen. Let the coil uncurl slightly until the tube is about 2cm across and glue the end down.
  3. Cut a piece of foam into the shape of a pair of chicken feet with their heels together and glue this to one end of the tube.
  4. Brush a thick layer of glue to the other end of the tube and fix the painted egg on top.
  5. Cut out two wings and a cockscomb from the same colour foam as the feet, leaving a 4mm long tab on each piece for fixing into the egg.
  6. Using a blunt knife, cut small slits in the top and both sides of the egg. Use a cocktail stick to push the foam pieces into place before gluing on a beak and wiggle-eyes.
Chicken Skittles Chicken Skittles Chicken Skittles

Top Tip

You could cut numbers out of foam and stick them to the chicken's tummies for a more interesting scoring system.

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