Dolly Peg Leprechaun

Create these cute little leprechauns to celebrate St Patrick’s day.

Dolly Peg Leprechaun

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. First print off the template and cut out the pieces out of felt leaving the backing on until you are ready to assemble them.
  2. Take clothes peg and face it so that the slit in the bottom is visible this will make the two legs so its important it’s this way around.
  3. Paint the clothes peg using acrylic paint, green for the top and stripey trousers or whatever variation you desire. You need to mix colours to make a skin tone.
  4. Once dry you can start adding the felt parts, make up the hat onto the head to make it easier.
  5. Cut a small bit of wool and stick it to the chin too create a beard.
  6. Add wiggle eyes and draw a smile.
Dolly Peg Leprechaun Dolly Peg Leprechaun Dolly Peg Leprechaun

Top Tip

Although the felt is self-adhesive I would add a little super tacky glue to strengthen the bond.



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