1. Cut three daffodil shapes from yellow paper, making each one a different size. Take a yellow doily and snip a section from the edge, carefully bend into a cupped shape and secure the ends with glue.  (pic a)
  2. Cut four slits at the base of the shape to make tabs then fold each one inwards so you can use the tabs to stick the cup to the centre of the petals. Create two more doily cups, ensuring they fit into the centre of the petal bases. Stick each one down. (pic b)
  3. Score and fold blue card to make a blank and stick spring ribbon down the spine. Cut a tag shape from green card measuring 10cm long and 6.5cm at its widest point. Make a smaller cream one and glue on top. Use foam letters to spell out ‘Happy St David’s Day’ on the tag. Staple some matching ribbon to the tag then glue it to the top left of the card. (pic c)
  4. Cut three different lengths of green satin ribbon and stick vertically to the card. Add the daffodils on top. Decorate the flowers with gold glitter glue then draw some grass at the base of the card using a 3D pen. (pic d)

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