1. Cut an oval from white card and four 1cm wide strips of red card. (pic a)
  2. Glue the red strips across the oval to make an eight pointed star and then cut around the shape leaving a 2mm white border around the red stripes. (pic b)
  3. Glue the star to the centre of a blue card oval to make a Union Jack. Cut a small heart from gold card and fix to the centre. (pic c)
  4. Glue a small gold heart to the middle of a larger heart shape cut from red or blue card (use our template to draw a heart if you find it difficult).
  5. Make lots more flags and hearts and punch two holes in the top of each shape.
  6. Thread a length of pale blue narrow ribbon in and out of the holes in each shape, making a small knot either side of the shapes to hold them in position. (pic d)

Download the Heart template ►

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  1. by Laura Ingalls Gunn:

    On April 27, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I loved this bunting so much I have featured it on today’s Royal Wedding Wednesday post!

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