1. Use a pencil to mark equal distances around the inside of the biggest heart and the outside of the smallest. Make sure you have the same number of marks on each side. Prick the marks with a needle (ask a grown-up to help you with this). (pic a)
  2. Colour in both sides with a fibre tip pen, using a different colour for each heart. Slide a piece of spare card between the hearts to help you colour each section separately. Fold the middle hearts over. (pic b)
  3. Thread a needle with white embroidery thread and knot the end. Start from the first hole in the big heart and sew through the second hole in the small heart. Sew through the third hole in the big heart and continue stitching through every alternate hole. Repeat with yellow thread, sewing through the remaining holes. (pic c)
  4. Pierce three holes at the base of the heart then thread some plastic beads onto some more embroidery thread. Cut out some heart shapes from self-adhesive foam and add to the ends before tying through the holes in the heart. (pic d)

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