1. Cut an elephant shape from grey foam. Cut out an ear shape and then a tusk from white foam. Fix these onto the head with double sided tape and add a small wiggle-eye. (pic a)
  2. Fix two short pieces of ribbon to the head and back of the elephant. Cut out a headdress and saddle shape from red sticky foam and cover the ends of the ribbon. Make sure all the pieces fit together neatly. (pic b)
  3. Use a plate to draw a semi-circle onto a 20cm by 8cm rectangle of foam then cut out. Fix a loop of ribbon to the curve with double sided tape and cover the ends with a curved shape cut out from a glitter sheet. Fix the elephant’s ribbons to the semi-circle and cover with strips of sticky foam. (pic c)
  4. Add a foam paisley shape to the saddle. Decorate the paisley, the edges of the saddle and the headdress using glitter glue and 3D metallic pens. Add glitter foam letters to the top of the decoration and add more sparkle with the pens. (pic d)

Download the Diwali Elephant template ►

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