1. On the rough side of a piece of Magic Shrink plastic, draw back to front, block letters spelling out ‘Dad’.  (pic a)
  2. Carefully cut out each letter with scissors but leave the holes in the centre of each letter intact as this will make them stronger. (pic b)
  3. Cut a strip of Magic Shrink plastic 3cm by 15cm and draw a border design on the rough side. Punch a hole in one corner and three more along the opposite side. Colour in with fibre tip pens.
  4. Draw stripes, spots and squiggles on the rough side of the plastic letters using different colours. Punch a hole in the top corner of each letter. (pic c)
  5. Place the letters and the strip on a baking tray and place in a warm electric oven for a couple of minutes until each one has curled up, shrunk, and flattened out again. Remove them from the oven and place a book on top while they’re still warm to ensure they’re completely flat.
  6. Attach each letter to the strip with stretchy cord knotted firmly and fit the keyring fob to the extra hole in the strip to finish.

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